These are the jewelry trends for this fall

These are the jewelry trends for this fall

This fall, a number of trends are popping up again in jewelry land. Pearls, bright colors, cocktail rings and flowers dominate our necks, earlobes, wrists and fingers!

Pearl power

In 2023, pearls are our friends! They are experiencing a particularly strong resurgence and are establishing themselves as one of the hottest trends in jewelry. Pearls are the symbol of femininity: graceful and elegant. Soft pearl luster suits all skin tones. It’s stunning when worn on its own, but also pretty when you layer it with other jewelry.

Dreaming in colour

Fuchsia, cherry, hot pink… There is no shortage of names for this season’s most popular colors! It can be seen everywhere in the collections of fashion houses, and this fall is the perfect time to try this cool color trend!

cocktail time

In 2023, the cocktail ring will not only be the jewel to wear when it comes to making a fashion look, but also the accessory you need to enter the world of sass. From over-the-top heels and hot pink on-trend to bold eyebrows and statement lips in make-up, there’s no denying that daring is back, and more present than ever.

By the way, did you know that this style was inspired by the 1920s, when cocktail rings became a fashion statement, as women wore them as a symbol of freedom and liberation when they were looking for a drink in prohibited bars?

Large flowers

Flowers appeared for the first time in the Fall-Winter 2022 collections in the form of rosettes on clothes. Since then, they have been increasingly featured in accessories, especially in jewelry adorned with pretty petals.

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