Daughter Bastien and Toskey Rajas surprised the DNA Singers panel with a gold earring

Daughter Bastien and Toskey Rajas surprised the DNA Singers panel with a gold earring

plate of DNA singersThis week consists of April Darby, Jeroen van Koningsberg, Jaap Risima and Lex Oeting, and it’s a mystery. Lex and Jeroen in particular know nothing of the question concerning the famous Dutchman Cato. However, Yap soon seems to know: “But I won’t say a name.” Lex begins to doubt where he is looking. “I think someone from ‘t Gooi,” he says, still somewhat hesitant.

But once Kato and her mysterious relative performed a duet in which only their silhouettes could be seen, the audience and the committee were suddenly convinced. Yap exclaimed, “Yes, one hundred percent.” “With these moves, this can’t be anyone other than Bastian Rajas,” adds April.

Under the audience’s deafening applause, Bastian did indeed appear on the scene. “I’ve been especially nervous for her,” said the delighted father, “but she’s so relaxed. And I’m standing there like straw behind her.” “I’m glad we didn’t sing out of tune because that would have been embarrassing,” Kato adds with a laugh.

Not only was Kato blessed with a famous father, but also a famous mother: the Tosque Rajas, of course. She is one of the faces of SBS 6 View news. Half-brother Sim is also now known; And at the beginning of this year he could still be seen with Father Bastien Race across the world. However, it does not seem that he aspires to work in the field of media, as Sim is currently studying at the Hotel School. Will Kato follow in her parents’ footsteps?

DNA singers It can be seen every Saturday at 9.30pm on RTL 4.

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