Chateau Bijstand viewers faint at Leroy and Maxime's proposal

Chateau Bijstand viewers faint at Leroy and Maxime’s proposal

It turns out that Martien and Erica were involved in the plot. They offered a romantic dinner – in the “Help House” – to Maxim and Leroy. For a moment, Maxim seems to catch her parents snatching a grocery receipt and see the salmon have been bought. Fortunately, Martien and Erica are good at lying.

Finally, Leroy stands at the door of Maxime’s temporary shelter. Then he declares his love for her. “I want to say that I think you are an incredibly wonderful and wonderful mother

After a flood of kind words, that special moment had come. Leroy gets down on one knee in front of Maxim in the traditional manner. “will you marry me?” He asks, and she immediately replied with “Yes.”

Home viewers enjoy the romantic moment collectively. One wrote on Twitter: “I wish I had a guy like Leroy.” Others find it “sweet” from Leroy. Some even shed a tear. “I’m crying with me,” said a passionate viewer.

Maxime and Leroy have been living in Noordwijk with Claire and Vivi for some time. They recently bought a new home. Maxime talks about this in the video below.

Chateau help See you every Monday at 8.30pm on SBS6.

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