Katja Schurmann is unhappy: “I'm not a crazy mother”

Katja Schurmann is unhappy: “I'm not a crazy mother”

Katja Schurmann is not happy that Jan Ross called her a crazy mother. “Painful, hurtful and very unkind!”

Katja Schurmann believes her ex-husband Thess Romer, with whom she has daughter Sami, deserves a second chance. “He should be able to get on with his life. I also think he deserves it,” she recently told Story Weekly.

“confused mother”

Katya subsequently received a lot of criticism. Jan Ross even called her a “troubled mother.” “He abused young girls in texts and photos. If Katja thinks this is defensible when her daughter with him is in the same age group, then we can say she is not in her right mind,” he said in a conversation with Nieuwe Revu.

Katya is angry

Jan's harsh statements do not bother Katja. She decided to send him a number of private messages on Instagram. Instead of replying, Jan read Katja's messages on RoddelPraat's broadcast.

Katja wrote, among other things, in the letters: “Jan, if you knew what kind of mother I am to my daughters, how I struggle and strive to give the best to my eldest daughter.” “So calling me a crazy mother might not be appropriate. It's painful, easy, simple and very cruel.

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