Musical De Tocht won the Audience Award at the Music Awards with 69 percent of the vote

Musical De Tocht won the Audience Award at the Music Awards with 69 percent of the vote

Musical De Tocht won the awards at the Music Awards on Wednesday night. The musical about Elfstedentocht beat out Mamma Mia and Soldaat van Oranje and took the Audience Award with 69 percent of the votes.

The Best Decoration Award also went to the journey . Musical It premiered in October last year at the Fresotheater in Leeuwarden. More than 200,000 tickets were sold. The producers said in March that the producers were delighted with the music award nomination. “If we win, we will have created not only one of the biggest but also the best music shows in the Netherlands here in Friesland. It would be really crazy,” said producer Madeleine van Bozekom. the journey.

Other winners

Of musicals Jesus Christ is a star in Milk They were the big winners at the music awards ceremony on Wednesday night. They won, among other things, awards for Big and Small Music of the Year. The statuette for best leading roles went to Lucas Hamming Jesus Christ is a star And Brigitte Hetzer for her leading role in Hey Mom!.

Hamming's win is remarkable. He plays Judas in the new adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous musical. Lead actor Django McRoy, who can be seen in the play as Jesus, was also nominated for Best Leading Role, but missed out.

Edwin Juncker also won an award Jesus Christ is a star . The actor was awarded for his supporting role as Pontius Pilate. The award for Best Supporting Actor in a Small Musical went to Laus Stenbeke for his portrayal of Albert Moll in the film Mole and bird of paradise.

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Fourth music award

Brigitte Hetzer won her fourth Music Award for her leading role in the Dutch remake of ABBA's hit Hey Mom!. From the actor ice She plays a liberated woman on a Greek island who, on the eve of her daughter Sophie's wedding, encounters three old lovers who claim to be Sophie's father. Musical Hey Mom! It also won the Best Band award.

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