Why does Maxima have so many double caps?

Why does Maxima have so many double caps?

Earlier this week, a blog appeared online showcasing all of Maxima's hats. Many visitors wondered why there were so many double hats. In this blog, I will discuss the examples mentioned.

Let's start with the numbers 69, 77 and 80 mentioned by Lente-tinie. Hat No. 77 was designed by Fabienne Delphine for the wedding of Albert and Charlene Monaco. Substance. The number 69 appeared seven years later at Prinsjes 2013. On that day, Máxima wore a gold-coloured dress designed by Jean Tamino. The straw-colored hat wouldn't have matched that. Number 80 was requested for a state visit to France. The color of the hat matches the satin on the coat and Máxima's shoes and gloves.

Personal protective equipment

Bottom brim hats
Shortly after her wedding, Máxima appeared on the red carpet wearing a hat with the brim down. The shade of the headdress was old pink. A similar model followed nine years later, but in light grey. A gorgeous color that goes well with shades of blue. As icing on the cake, a liver-colored hat with a lower brim was also featured. Maxima received this gift during a visit to Uruk.

Personal protective equipment

I really don't understand the added value of the 150th hat.

The shade is very close to red. If it doesn't match, it quickly becomes annoying. So it doesn't surprise me that Maxima has many red hats. To avoid high costs, Maxima now manufactures its hats largely in its own studio. If she is on vacation or has an empty schedule, the maid can occupy herself by making a new, perfectly matching headdress. Nos. 176 and 177 are by Jolanda.

I also don't understand the added value of the 92. Maybe she found the brim of the 92's hat (which she wore before 91) annoying?

I don't understand the added value of another pink line either. Maybe the edge is damaged? Or did she no longer remember exactly what she had?

Felt is a winter material, and straw is a summer material. This explains why Maxima has two green wide-brimmed hats.

Hair ornaments are often made by Máxima's own fashion team. Numbers 212 and 213 are also assumed. Then it is a matter of ordering some springs and attaching them to a clamp. By the way, Maxima never wore her outfit from Queen's Day 2009 (Apeldoorn Attack) in this combination again. Nor Queen Beatrix's beautiful red suit designed by Veronique van Groeningen. I think this is intentional.

When Maxima wore the 43 hat, I stood with my nose above it and saw the brim move up and down. It was too wide and too heavy for light materials. I guess that's why I never saw him again. Hat 42 is also a different shade of red, which matches the burgundy of her dress perfectly.

Why she bought the Maxima 209 is a mystery to me. By far the ugliest hat in her collection. So I understand that 207 followed shortly after, haha. The color black is well represented in the general outlook due to all commemorative occasions, such as May 4th, funerals, etc.

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