Another month until Eurovision Song Contest: You should know this

Another month until Eurovision Song Contest: You should know this

It is exactly 30 days until the Eurovision Song Contest kicks off. The first semi-final can be seen on Tuesday 18 May, two days after the second match and Saturday 22 May the Grand Final. What exactly should you pay attention to this year and which number is better for taking a bath break? You can read it all here.

“It is especially surprising that the tiny state of San Marino has emerged as a world star.”

It promises to be a party again, and although it sounds a little different, it is with an audience. Up to 3,500 people are allowed to attend the three live shows, as well as jury shows – which are 50% off – and the slightly boring “dress-up” “trainings. Although Corona continues to devastate the world, at least 39 countries are participating, two fewer than Israel in 2019. The show is still in the hands of Jan, Edsilia and Chantal. YouTube star Nikkie de Jager was mainly responsible for the online segment last year, and this year she is also one of the regular presenters.

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The first semi-final round on May 18 consists of sixteen countries, of which only ten can advance to the final. This also includes Malta, which is currently very popular with bookies. The prediction at the time of writing was that the Mediterranean island would win the festival. Fun fact: Malta singer Destiny actually won the Junior Song contest six years ago. However, her chance of winning is “only” 17% currently so anything can still happen. Sweden (fifth in betting agencies), Lithuania (seventh in betting) and Cyprus (twelfth) will compete in the first semi-final.

Good time to visit the toilet? This, for example, during a North Macedonia performance. The odds of them winning are expected to be less than 1%.

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The second semi-final will be more exciting for many Europeans. Not just one country participates, while only ten countries can succeed, there are also many countries that have incredibly high betting positions. San Marino, Iceland, Bulgaria and Switzerland, among other countries, have a high chance of finally finishing the top five.

It is particularly remarkable that the dwarf state of San Marino has a world star: Nothing but Flo Rida raps the singer’s song “Adrenalina” by Senhite. It remains unclear if he will actually travel to Rotterdam to perform with her on stage.

A good time to visit the toilet is while performing Georgia or Albania: according to bets, they also don’t end up high.

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And finally, of course, the “Big Five” and the Netherlands. Like almost every year, Italy is again in the top 10 bookmakers. But this year France is also a great contender: it is now no less than second place with a 13% chance of winning. Unfortunately, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and our little country won’t end high for the time being. But we can enjoy amazing time intervals from our soils.

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Did you become curious about all the preparations? In the video below, Aran Bade tells you all about the gorgeous scenery. Curious about a quick impression on all of the business? You are listening to them Here.

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final can be seen in Rotterdam on Saturday 22 May at 9 PM at NPO1.

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