“It can easily overcome this gap of VI.”

“It can easily overcome this gap of VI.”

Ratings specialist Tina Nijkamp believes Hélène Hendriks will be allowed to continue her talk show De Oranjezondag next year and will therefore be prepared to deal with the prospect of leaving Today Inside. Trio VI's contract with Talpa runs for another nineteen months and Nijkamp sees Hendriks replacing this talk show when Today Inside disappears from the air.

Nijkamp discusses on her podcast Tina TV update Hendrix's turn as a sports presenter to Ziggo Sport, but also the future of her own talk show: “I think Oranjezondag will continue this fall, because Hendrix can do a large number of talk show hours this way. And of course she will be 'Ready then I would like SBS to stop these guys ( Wilfried Jenny, René van der Gijp, Johan Dirksen, editor) about doing this,” Nijkamp says at the end of the Today Inside programme.

“The contract expires in nineteen months, when Johan Dirksen will also turn 77,” says the media personality. “Then Hendrix could fill that gap well. Orange Sunday will of course help with that. That wouldn't surprise me and I actually think it's a very good idea,” Nijkamp finally said on her podcast.

🔗 Helen Hendricks faces the news live on television in the presence of the VI men

In broadcast Today inside It's about Helen Hendrix's career that she doesn't want to answer.

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