Meghan Markle couldn't say yes to Oprah Winfrey  Currently

Meghan Markle couldn’t say yes to Oprah Winfrey Currently

Meghan Markle had no prior opportunity to say yes to Oprah Winfrey asking for an interview. In a clip posted from the interview that was broadcast on CBS on Sunday, the Duchess of Sussex said she couldn’t make these choices for herself when she was still a member of the British royal family.

In early 2018, Winfrey actually called Markle to ask if she would interview Prince Harry before the wedding. Markle refused, because in her opinion the time was not right. “I remember that conversation very well,” said Winfrey. “I wasn’t even allowed to have that conversation with you alone. People had to be there.”

Markle decided to interview after she and Prince Harry gave up their roles in The Royal House. “I now have a lot of experience and have the opportunity to make my own decisions,” she explains when I asked Winfrey why she would like to speak now. “I couldn’t have said yes at the time. That was not my choice.”

In the interview, which can be seen on Net5 next Tuesday in the Netherlands, Markle opens a book about her experiences with the royal family. Earlier this year, she and her husband, Prince Harry, severed ties with the royal family. Later in the interview, Harry also joined in.

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