Esra from B&B Vol Liefde gives an update on life in Sweden with Bram|  RTL Street

Esra from B&B Vol Liefde gives an update on life in Sweden with Bram| RTL Street

The peace and quiet in Sweden in particular is what differs from the Netherlands, says Israa. “I only have two neighbors now, and they are very far away,” she says. Once every two weeks, Israa goes to the nearest city in Sweden, where she has coffee.

Israa enjoys life in nature. I also noticed that people in Sweden are less impulsive and stressed compared to the Netherlands. “If you spend two hours packing groceries here in the supermarket, no one will care. In the Netherlands, you don't have to try that. Then everyone thinks: 'Hurry!'

Of course, there are also things that Esraa misses about her life in the Netherlands, when she was still living in Arnhem. “The only thing I miss is my friends and family,” she says. Now that you're in Sweden, spontaneous wine on balconies is of course a thing of the past. Although she can make new friends, it's a bit more difficult because she doesn't speak the language well yet. Fortunately, Bram has a group of friends in Sweden, so the couple enjoy good social relations.

Esra also managed to teach Bram some new things. She says it added a feminine touch to the home. “He made art out of the walls, but it didn't have that serene look Vibration. Those walls have now been painted a solid color. However, we are both creative and encourage each other in this regard. “Then I'll crochet another dress or something new.” Israa is never bored at Bram's Swedish farm. “I just lack the time, hands and energy to do it all.”

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