Maan breaks his silence and returns after a year with a new song  RTL Street

Maan breaks his silence and returns after a year with a new song RTL Street

After a long musical silence, Maan returned to begin a new chapter in her career. Maan told the magazine: “After losing the traffic lights and roads in Japan, one thing became very clear to me: Maybe I will take a different path. The voice that I have silenced for so long will finally have room to speak.” “It's not that I don't like my old music anymore, but I've gotten over it.”

Over the past year, she has made time to work on herself. In this way she reflected, traveled and rediscovered her creative vision. “I've found it's good to zoom out, get back to basics, especially when the volume of the world around you gets louder.”

Maan has given herself the freedom to literally “disconnect.” She had previously indicated that she would not perform at any concert this year, which worried many fans. According to the singer, it was not necessary at all. “Things are going better than ever,” she said on Instagram.

With the release of her new song, the video clip will also be released on YouTube.

A year ago, Maan won a Rigter Scale Award for her song “Stiekem” with Goldband, released in 2022: Most Played Dutch Song Award on 3FM. In the video below, you can see how the Goldband boys, including Maan's friend Karel, surprised her with the award.

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