Her daughter's friend Lillian Marinissen is angry about the pregnancy: 'The connection is broken'

Her daughter's friend Lillian Marinissen is angry about the pregnancy: 'The connection is broken'

Liliane Marijnesen proudly shared last week that she and boyfriend Jøri Janssen are expecting a baby. The news sparks great anger among Yuri's three daughters. Even his two eldest daughters cut off contact with him.

No luck. Very grateful. We are expecting a few in October. Who's waving at you already!” Lillian wrote along with an ultrasound video and a snapshot of her and Joyri. Liliane can count on a lot of congratulations, but those around Joyri are much less enthusiastic.

Angry girls

A source close to Jouiri told the weekly “Story” magazine that his daughters were “extremely shocked.” “They did not expect this to happen at all…” the source said. “Joiri cheated on his wife with Lillian, and their daughters are angry about it. In January 2023, a year before Lilian announced their relationship on television, Goiri told his wife and daughters that he was having an affair with Lilian.

“Contact is conditional”

Not only did Yuri's wife react with anger, but so did his children. “Sure enough, his eldest daughters were angry and cut off contact with him. His younger daughter kept in touch with her father at first.”


From the moment Goiri said he wanted to continue with Liliane, he did not speak to his eldest daughters. But recently he suggested he sit with his daughters. According to the source of the story, his daughters thought he might want them to get closer, but nothing could be further from the truth. “To their great surprise, they were invited to their father’s house, because he wanted to tell them personally that Liliane was pregnant… That was the moment for Guiri’s youngest daughter when she broke off contact with her father.”

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'Still married'

The source knows that Goiri is still officially married to the mother of his daughters. “They don't think it's particularly elegant to start a family with your new love.”

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