Frans Bauer is obese and blames Mariska: “Who buys groceries here?”  |  RTL Street

Frans Bauer is obese and blames Mariska: “Who buys groceries here?” | RTL Street

In the latest episode of “De Bauers”, Frans Bauer (50) visits a nutritionist to get some weight loss advice. He has been trying to lose weight for some time, but it is not going smoothly and according to France, his wife Mariska is to blame. Or should France blame himself?

“Yes, hey, who's going to put all that in your mouth?”

Frans decides to seek professional help in his battle against excess weight and visits a weight loss center. Once he got to the nutritionist, who met with the singer several times, France discovered that he was two centimeters shorter. According to the doctor, this has to do with age. “Would it be because of the weight I'm carrying?” Frans asks jokingly. “It's possible!”

Then he steps on the scale. France was shocked by the number on the screen. “111. Totally out of control. So am I fat or not?” The doctor points out that France has a BMI of 34.4 and says that this actually officially represents obesity. This does not come as a surprise to Ibn Jan. “I already saw it coming for him.”

The nutritionist would like to know what Frans eats, and then Frans gives a big list of what he eats: “I eat bread in the morning. It can be brown bread, but I prefer white. I regularly eat a piece of liver sausage in between meals. Sometimes a fried egg in the morning with bread.” And bacon. Frans also eats “golden packaged” chocolates. According to his son Jan, he also goes to McDonald's after his performance because he “supposedly hasn't eaten enough” and then “takes a quick look in the fridge” at home. So I guess your arteries are clogged with cholesterol.” France Jr. shares: “My dad’s motto: No matter how expensive it is, everything tastes better from the chip shop.”

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Once he returns home he tells Mariska the news. According to him, things went well, but there are some points that need to be taken care of. According to him, the fact that he appears obese is due to Mariska: “It's all your fault.” “Yes, hey, who's putting all that in your mouth,” Mariska defends herself. Then France asked her: “Who buys groceries here?” Mariska continues: “Who's going to get her out of the closet?” According to France, Mariska often offers to help him, but then brings all kinds of unhealthy things into the house.

To have a healthy BMI, France should weigh 80 kilograms. This is quite confrontational for a singer. “Oh, I'm 30 kilograms overweight. I have to change my whole lifestyle.” Fortunately, the nutritionist came up with a plan for what he should eat and what he can do in “the most difficult situations.” France admits that he has to give up the cappuccino. “Because how much did you drink a day? About ten!”

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