Helen Hendricks hits it big with De Oranjezondag: “A big setback”

Helen Hendricks hits it big with De Oranjezondag: “A big setback”

Where the program is Orange Sunday There is a hillAndne Hendriks initially managed to record great viewing figures, but it is now difficult to get people to watch it on Sundays at 9.30pm. SBS6 To pull. The result of the broadcast on Sunday evening was very poor, as the number of viewers reached “only” 550,000 viewers. According to Tina Nijkamp, ​​this is mainly due to the beautiful weather.

The media personality discusses every working day on her podcast Tina TV update Developments in television. Naturally, this will be taken care of in Monday’s episode Orange Sunday. Oh, it wasn’t easy yesterday, because there was a lot of sun of course. This means that much less television is watched, especially on Sundays when everyone is free. He appearsThis is what it looks like. Only two programs have had more than a million views, says Nijkamp. This is Studio Sport Eredivisie, which undoubtedly benefited from the Eindhoven championship match, and the magazine.

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And the rest, even Dwars Door de Lage Landen got less than 900,000 viewers, so it scored less than a millioncontinues Nijkamp, ​​who provides the numbers Orange Sunday He describes a “huge setback” for Hendrix. The presenter received a nomination for her powerful performance Orange winter Her own program on Sunday. It was an overwhelming start, but the program didn’t do what people had hoped for a few weeks ago. Orange Sunday It set a viewership record on March 25 with 1,108,000 viewers, but viewership has declined sharply since then. For example, the show recorded “only” 928,000 viewers on Sunday, April 14.

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On the day of liberation, this number was much lower: 550,000. Then seniors in the 25-54 age group also scored at 13.1Nijkamp adds. Angela DeYoung was in her column not long ago Angela is watching TV In the Algemeen Dagblad Already criticized the program. Sometimes I wonder if HillAndHe doesn’t have a mole behind the scenes at De Oranjezondag. It’s like someone is vandalizing things in there. It is as if the program is not allowed to succeed. This is a shame. According to De Jong, SBS has “gold” on its hands with Hendrix, but the broadcaster’s continued use of “unruly clowns” against it does not increase its advantage. Sunday evening’s guests included Raymond Means, Jack Van Gelder and Janneke Wittekoek.

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