There will be no “Thinking of Mallorca” series on Dutch television

There will be no “Thinking of Mallorca” series on Dutch television

After the international “Thinking of Holland” and the international “Thinking of Switzerland”, there was supposed to be the Spanish “Thinking of Mallorca”, but this Spanish concert was cancelled. It is 77-year-old Andre van Duyne’s choice not to participate in the Spanish version of the Omroep Max success story. Without Andre no program is possible.

No doubt it would have been a success, as Mallorca is very popular with the Dutch. But for Andre van Duyn, “thinking about Mallorca” would be watching too much television. The 77-year-old broadcaster, who has been in the business for 60 years, will record the new “Thinking of Holland” song again with Jannie van der Heyden in 2024, and there will be an anniversary concert and a new season of “Heel”. Holland Packet.

For readers who are not familiar with the programs, in “Thinking about Holland,” Janie and Andre travel by boat through the Netherlands and visit villages, cities and businesses. In the spy thriller Thinking of Switzerland, a couple and their dog Nahan travel through Switzerland by train. In January 2022, the duo also undertook a one-off “Thinking of Eleven Cities” tour.

“Thinking of Mallorca” is supposed to be the second show for the Dutch show, but for Andre van Duyn that means a lot of traveling and watching TV. Not good news for fans of broadcasters Spain and Mallorca.

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