Jurre Geluk moves with a word of thanks after the win. Make up your mind |  RTL Street

Jurre Geluk moves with a word of thanks after the win. Make up your mind | RTL Street

Jurre Geluk won the fourth season of drag show Make Up Your Mind on Saturday. As Miss Showbee, the presenter was able to beat five other queens in the final. In his thank you speech, he called for more protection for people from the LGBT+ community.

“I do it one evening now, but I think I’m a scaredy-cat in real life. I don’t dare walk hand in hand with my boyfriend down the street. And these ladies do that in their real lives. All the time,” Gillock said, referring to the queens on the panel. Program judging “I think we’re still missing that second step. We accept it, tolerate it and make a nice TV show about it, but in the outside world we lack that protection. “We have to protect people who are different, from our community, so let’s take it beyond this program.”

Jury president Miss Envy Peru responded emotionally. “He just came, Juri. You were attacked just like me,” Perot said, referring to the street assault of which he was the victim last July. “It’s too bad that a lot of people don’t want to leave each other alone, or don’t accept each other, or are too mean to each other. We’re not hurting anyone, it’s just our art. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

On the RTL show, famous Dutch people are transformed into drag queens. The finalists revealed their real identities earlier in the evening. Music star William Spaaij hid behind Nikita and poll organizer Gijs Rademaker was behind the Polly Plush character. Broadcaster Harm Edens was hidden under a Gladiola Holt wig, and Penny Smize was actor-musician Stanley Burleson. Star Sissy, who was the second last to lose weight, turned out to be the alter ego of actor Thomas Cammaert.

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Previous seasons of Make Up Your Mind were won by Barry Atsma, Swee Kroon and Jeroen van der Boom.

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