Belgian radio DJ suspended after prime minister called for “overthrow” |  RTL News

Belgian radio DJ suspended after prime minister called for “overthrow” | RTL News

“To all those who are thinking of shooting Alexander De Croo, but do not dare to do so because of the security of that man. You see that it is possible to shoot the Prime Minister. So I would like to say: Go ahead,” said the DJ from the local radio station. Waregem1, according to VRT.

“intentionally intended”

Yesterday an attack was carried out on that country’s Prime Minister Robert Fico in Slovakia. A man shot Fico while shaking hands with civilians. The attack has been condemned around the world as an attack on democracy.

The Prime Minister filed a complaint against DJ, and the Public Prosecution Office began an investigation. The radio station said that the statement was incorrect. “The broadcaster says he meant it in a playful way, but he did not reach that point. He apologizes to the listeners and to Warajm1.”

The DJ responded through his lawyer. According to him, this was a “completely false” statement that “cannot be approved under any circumstances.” He says he is sorry and wants to hold a mediation meeting “if Prime Minister De Croo is willing to do so.”

Against Flemish VRT broadcaster “He completely misjudged the timing and context,” says Waregem1 director Ludo Dillmann. “This statement is misplaced and I explained to him that this is not possible. We are fully cooperating with the investigation.”

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