Scientists: The mystery of building the pyramid may be solved  RTL News

Scientists: The mystery of building the pyramid may be solved RTL News

A research team from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has discovered that the pyramids were likely built along an ancient, long-lost branch of the Nile River. He writes that this branch has long been hidden under desert and agricultural lands BBC.

Nearby waterway

For years, archaeologists believed that the ancient Egyptians used a nearby waterway to transport materials, such as pyramid stone blocks, needed to build the pyramids.

A large group of international archaeologists examined satellite images, historical maps, geophysical surveys and sediment drilling (a technique archaeologists use to extract evidence from specimens) to map the river’s branch.

The results were presented in the journal Nature. Using radar technology, archaeologists believe they have found “buried rivers and ancient structures” at the foot of the hills where the vast majority of Egyptian pyramids are located.

64 km long

Dr. Susan Onstein, one of the study’s authors, told the BBC: “Locating the river branch and having data that proves the existence of a waterway that could be used to transport heavy masses, equipment, people, everything, helps us interpret the pyramid.” building.”

The river branch was about 64 kilometers long and between 200 and 700 meters wide, and was therefore bounded by 31 pyramids, built between 4,700 and 3,700 years ago.

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