This is how Queen Máxima celebrates her 53rd birthday today

This is how Queen Máxima celebrates her 53rd birthday today

It’s a party at Huis Ten Bosch Palace, because it’s Queen Máxima’s birthday! Many Dutch people celebrate their birthday with a fun family party that includes snacks and drinks, but how do you celebrate your birthday when you become queen? Máxima talks about this and reveals how she is celebrating her birthday this year.

Everyone celebrates their birthday differently. Some people have a big party with music and snacks, while others prefer to keep it small. King Willem-Alexander cannot avoid celebrating his birthday, because King’s Day is widely celebrated as the king’s birthday. But what about when she becomes queen? Queen Máxima herself gives the answer.

Together with family

Queen Máxima commented briefly on the details of her birthday during a working visit to Almere yesterday. She previously revealed to the press that she would celebrate her “little” birthday. She also said that her three children will be home on her birthday. “At least I have all my children with me, I like that very much,” she told the audience during the regional visit to Hoagland in Groningen, which took place last Tuesday. Since Princess Ariane (17) is currently studying abroad, it’s not a given that the three girls will be at home at Huis Ten Bosch Palace.

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The royal family poses for a photo during King’s Day 2024 in Emmen.

The Queen also said she was celebrating her birthday “with family and a few friends, but in a very small way.” Queen Máxima said last night during the King Willem I Award ceremony that she would work until one o’clock in the afternoon and then receive visitors.

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