Joost Klein’s Europepa returns to number one on the Top 40

Joost Klein’s Europepa returns to number one on the Top 40

The week after the Eurovision Song Contest, “Jost” returned to number one in the Dutch Top 40.

Europepa immediately took first place in the Top 40 on March 9, and has now held that position for five weeks. This made it the Eurovision Song Contest with the most weeks at number one. There will be a sixth week this week as Urubaba returns to number one.

Special restoration of first place
It is the sixteenth No. 1 hit that after a break has managed to return to No. 1 and not disappear from the charts in the meantime. The previous 15 No. 1 hits were always at No. 2 in the intervening weeks before returning to No. 1. Joost has not been at No. 1 in the last five weeks and managed to drop to No. 7 during that period.

“Europaba” is among the top 10 hits of the Eurovision Song Contest
With continued success, Urubaba has also managed to reach the top ten of the most successful songs in the Eurovision Song Contest this week. Topping that list is Lauren’s ecstasy. Europepa is, at number 10, the second Dutch-language entry behind De Diepte, which places the S10 at number 5.

Rondi records his fifth straight top 10 hit
Stumblin’ In by Cyril took second place for the sixth week in a row. Sugardaddy, whose Roxy Dekker has topped the Top 40 for the past five weeks, drops to third. And Rondé finally managed to reach the top ten after no less than 16 weeks with the undecided. The track rose from 13 to 10, making it the Utrecht band’s fifth consecutive top 10 hit in less than four years. “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye” and “Love Myself” reached the top position on the charts.

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Both songs reached No. 5. If we look at the Dutch acts that have scored more than five Top 40 hits, Rondi is in the top four with the highest success rate. 5 out of 6 results in the top 10 were for Ronda, with a score of 83%. Above Rondé we only see Jody Bernal and Ch!pz with a score of 100%. All of their songs reached the top ten. 2 Unlimited reached 84% and was in the top 10 with 16 out of 19 scores.

Alex Warren goes fastest
Before You Leave Me by Alex Warren Unable to move higher than 21st in the last 9 weeks, the 23-year-old American has the most wins and rises to 13th place, up 8 positions The week we should be a little lower. Post Malone, with the help of Morgan Wallen, made a country song. I Got Some Help The Alert Disc was on Qmusic last week, coming in at number 19, the highest new disc.

Nemo breaks the top 40 code
Recent hits in our country also include “Bar Song (Tipsy)” by Chabuzi and “The Code” by Nemo. Nemo won the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland, and with his entry it became the 43rd time that the winning song had entered the Top 40. Read more about the new findings in the list here.

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