“You haven't joined us for a hundred years.”

“You haven't joined us for a hundred years.”

Wilfred Jenny never allowed Fidan Ekiz to join Today inside. Johan Derksen revealed this on Wednesday evening's episode. It might all be because of the collision that happened between Ikez and Jenny years ago.

“There are quite a few people who died at this table,” Jenny begins. Today inside. “I'm thinking of Sander Schimmelpennink.” Derksen believes the presenter is to blame. He added: “He killed himself.” “If it portrays our target group as idiots, you shouldn't be sitting here.” Stella Bergsma's name was also mentioned as someone who did not appear on the programme.

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Then Derksen mentions Ikiz's name. “But he never sat with us,” Jenny answers. Dinner guest and Ekiz's ex-husband Wierd Duk asks if she still isn't allowed to attend, to which Derksen replies that Jenny doesn't want to. “Not at all,” Jenny agrees. “Not in a hundred years!”

The basis for these fierce statements is the collision that occurred between Jenny and Ikez in the summer of 2020. The presenter joined the talk show Op1 He was asked about Derksen's “House of Lions” joke. Jenny publicly rejected the joke, but Ikiz felt he should have supported his colleague, after which the pair got into a heated argument. according to MediaCurrent Jenny also raged against Ikiz after the broadcast.

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