Patrick Kekin: This 538 star is at the top of NPO Radio 2's wish list to succeed Gijs Staverman

Patrick Kekin: This 538 star is at the top of NPO Radio 2's wish list to succeed Gijs Staverman

[BLOG] An earthquake has struck across radio land: The formerly solid morning anchor on the country's largest public-access non-profit Radio Channel 2 will be replaced with commercial. Gijs Stavermann, now a grandfather, wants to secure his pension and ensure future generations with some extra money for the future. This leaves frustrated listeners and two hours of airtime that KRONCRV clearly doesn't want to lose. Station president Peter de Vries, whether whispered or not by the real station president of all non-profit radio stations Juri Bosman, had to get the message across to the broadcaster that “it had to be at least a big name” succeeding Staverman, otherwise another group of broadcasters daily From 2 pm to 4 pm. Who does that look like? I've heard something about that, yes..

In fact, we have to go back in time every year. At the time, it was already being traded that it would go to NPO Radio 2. At the time, I think I wrote that in a secondary sentence, but I thought 'how long should he do it then?'. But the story that Stavermann would leave 2 had also been circulating for a year, see previous columns on the subject and Giggs' “firm denial” of the rumour. In fact, we can say that the fact that Mr. Bosman decided that Stavermann should go and appoint a worthy successor. As is the case today, the name is provided to the announcer rather than the other way around. Want to conserve airtime? Then go talk to so-and-so, he seems like something to us.

At first everything was up and ready: Rob Stenders would return to De Grootste. The contract with BNNVARA has already been signed. However, Rob put it in his head and realized he owed Veronica the brand. If he stays there, Ekdom, Van der Goes and Van te Hof will come too. And so it came to pass that the contract was torn up, Dennis Royer-style. So, another round, new opportunities for KRONCRV. But who, oh, who is lying comfortably in Boseman's offices, where, according to the latest episode of Roddelpraat, conversations aren't just being held But also the oldest work in the world. Don't keep us in suspense any longer, Patrick, come up with that name, we can't take it anymore. Well, this name is eleven letters long and now it's also from 2pm to 4pm, but at 538.

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correct, Mark Labrand. According to Juri and thus Marple de Vries, he is the perfect successor to Staverman on NPO Radio 2. And to be honest, I hear him there too. And he immediately takes a jab at two rivals: Labrand is also the voice of Sky Radio, something he could also do perfectly for NPO 1 on TV, for which Wouter has always been the voice. Let's hope I don't spoil things here by announcing it this way, because NPO's head of audio Bosman naturally wants to avoid any appearance that Radio 2 is commercial. But LaBrand somehow manages to avoid the business side of things, and looks solid and not Bobby Jobe. So, no Rabbering, no Speelman, no Van Inkel, but the 39-year-old from Pijnacker, who also has TV ambitions, could audition for KRONCRV with his freshly cut and nailed head: Labrando!

Patrick Kikin

from About 37 minutes It's about the head of sound NPO Jurre Bosman and his colleague Which was later bought, a story that has been circulating for years, but which no broadcaster or employee wants to confirm in writing or with pictures because it would cost you airtime or even your own job. NPO president Frederic Leflang confronted Jurre with this story, but according to him it didn't happen and she believes him. Nice isn't it? Saves another expensive investigation. In the meantime, Boseman can keep spreading the legs of her chair, because that's his ultimate goal, of course: to become a major boss at a nonprofit, House of Cards-style.

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