Jaimie Vaes lets the nanny come to audition: "Too much stuffing"

Jaimie Vaes lets the nanny come to audition: “Too much stuffing”

And we’re not exaggerating “everything”: Lil Klein’s fiancé goes to the aesthetic clinic with Quinn, where his stomach and buttocks are completely taken care of. Even though Jaimie’s treatment appears to go off without any problems, Koen screams out even before the device starts up. “I almost shot through the roof!”

“I just want a permanent babysitter,” the reality star says of her search for a nanny, as she takes us with her in the second episode. “I do everything alone now. It doesn’t matter, but since Jurik and I are so busy, it’s always difficult for someone to be with Lío. Grandpa and grandmother aren’t always available either.

So she started searching for the babysitter best suited for her little one. Potential nanny number one, Sammy, comes for the first meeting and of course Quinn is also there to have his say. First impression said to Jimmy: ‘Good bag, good hair, it looked so elegant.’ Positive, although the babysitter did arrive a little late.

Sammi’s flick with Lío seemed to pop up right away. However, Quinn is a little less enthusiastic. “She’s the type. I think she likes it. She’s single … I don’t know if she’d like it at home. I wouldn’t do that.”

Then, once she’s gone, Sammy faces a critical review. “She has more filler in one cheek than everything in all,” says Quinn. “The au pair should be open, I found it mysterious.” What thinks the right babysitter should meet? “Dirty hair, extra weight and very bad taste.”

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