Davina Michele sells out on tour almost immediately after turning the studio upside down at Renze |  Displays

Davina Michele sells out on tour almost immediately after turning the studio upside down at Renze | Displays

Video metSinger Davina Michele, 27, nearly sold out her first club tour in years after leaving the talk show studio Thursday night. Raines turn turtle. There she also received a surprise from the announcer, after an already special time.

Those who perform an evening talk show on RTL 4 usually have to content themselves with a small elevation in the corner of the studio that doubles as a stage. Only Humberto Tan has a serious stage at his disposal in his program. 690,000 viewers watched Davina Michelle perform heart beat bee Raines She also started out on the mini stage, but didn’t stay there for long.

A minute later, a ten-piece drummer entered the studio and formed a circle around the talk show table. Davina danced with the musicians around the guests and used the platform on which the table stands as her stage. Close to the cameras, she finished her performance, which was intended to promote her first club tour in three years.

Davina Michelle in Raines. © RTL

It worked out well: Her concerts in Utrecht (Tivolivredenburg), Groningen (Oosterport) and Antwerp (di Roma) on Friday evening sold out, and only tickets for Tilburg (013) are still available. After the performance, presenter Renzi Klammer surprised the singer with a gold award for her heart beatdue to 40,000 copies sold and many streams.

“Oh, how fat,” exclaimed Davina. “I didn’t expect that at all. It’s been a nice time! Last month she was the opening act for US band Maroon 5 twice, or as she is called today the “Special Guest.”

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She performed in Lisbon and Berlin, in the latter city at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, similar to Ziggo Dome and Ahoy in the Netherlands. In Portugal, she did a mass jump:

Michele Davina Hoogendoorn, as the artist is really called, graces the cover of the digital edition of the magazine this month number:

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