Glennis Grace is angry with the American administration

Glennis Grace is angry with the American administration

Glennis Grace is not happy with her previous US administration. “I respect that, but I don't think it's very professional for them to share this personal email with the media.”

It was shared yesterday RTL Street News that the management has stopped cooperating with the singer. “We wish her the best in her career, but it's been very unorthodox from the beginning. It hasn't really gotten any smoother. We don't work with anyone that way.”

According to Grace, her former business partners Lauren Walters and Josh Williams were signaling the disconnect between the Benelux countries and the rest of the world. “They will not interfere with my career in Benelux. This is not unusual and it is important for me to continue to focus on the Netherlands. Despite my international dreams and ambitions, this was always agreed upon.” America's Got TalentPoster on Instagram.


Grace “respects” that the current work style does not seem to be working with her American administration. “But I don't think it's very professional to share this personal message with the media.

Last summer, the singer reached the finals of America's Got Talent, and then hoped to make a breakthrough in the United States. This plan has not yet been canceled due to current developments. “Fortunately, I can simply handle the conversations taking place in the United States myself, and I noticed immediately that when one door closes, another opens.”

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