This Netflix suspense thriller has garnered high viewership ratings

This Netflix suspense thriller has garnered high viewership ratings

If you feel like watching a thriller on Netflix tonight, you may be in the right place with En Dag och en Halv. The thriller is brand new to the streaming device and has already entered the top 10 list of Netflix movies at number five.

Swedish movie a day and a half to a day and a half It comes from director Faris Faris and Netflix describes the movie as “arousing” in “Moving”. There are roles for Alexei Manfilov, Alma Boesti, Knight himself, and others.

variable reception
The Swedish Netflix original didn’t get a great reception with a score of 2.38/5 on Moviemeter and 5.9/10 on IMDb. FilmTotal critic Femke van Kooten liked it 3,5 st:

Artan and Louise are increasingly portrayed throughout the film as ex-boyfriends in a sticky situation. This contrasts starkly with the role of hostage-taker and hostage that the two also play. The idea behind this is beautiful, as the two are now either in a thriller or in a drama, so the The genre of the film is ambiguous.

Now on Netflix
You want 94 minutes a day and a half Please see, then you will find the movie Now here on netflix.

Desperate to see his daughter again, an armed man breaks into the medical center where his estranged wife works and kidnaps her.

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