Extraordinary: Candidates Resign in Belgian Farmer Seeking Woman |  RTL Street

Extraordinary: Candidates Resign in Belgian Farmer Seeking Woman | RTL Street

An unexpected twist in the Flemish version of “Farmer Seeks Woman”. Even before the moment of choice, Farmer Thomas (29 years old) saw not one, but two women leaving voluntarily. The big word came when Dina Trsjo, 45, the family of Yvonne Jaspers, 51, from the south, came to ask for a story.

“I give everything, and he gives nothing? I'm not looking for a man like that.”

Thomas welcomed four women to his farm. There was a good relationship with Fien and Amber, but Chloë and Silke turned out to be in a completely different position in the competition. So Dina came to investigate, and the result was doubly disappointing, meaning the farmer didn't have to make any decisions himself.

Because it turns out that not only did Chloe quickly finish Farmer Thomas, but Silk also threw in the towel before announcing his choice. Where did the wrong shoe go? Well, especially the lost romantic feelings, but also the fact that Thomas was not very flexible towards love and did not want to leave his farm for a moment.

“I would like to work with Thomas on the weekends, but I also expect him to come to me every two or three months,” said Chloe, who did not get the response she was hoping for from Thomas. “I give everything and he gives nothing? I am not looking for a man like this. This makes the moment of choice easier. I will leave.” And Silk? “I will still be the third wheel in the car,” she concluded.

Although it is exceptional for candidates to resign Farmer looking for a wifeThey don't hold any grudges. The farmer hugs the ladies goodbye and continues his love adventure with Fien and Amber.

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Where tears flowed freely was with Farmer Martin. Lynsey wasn't having enough 'Paid' For his sake, and for her great sadness, he gave her the shoe. She shouted to us:

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Farmer looking for a womansuch as Flemish Farmer looking for a wife It can be watched every Sunday evening at 7.55pm on VTM. In the Netherlands you can watch the program online via VTM go.

That's how things are now with Claudia and Paul from the Dutch's final season Farmer looking for a wife:

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