As of July 1, there is no PIN code for containers from North America

As of July 1, there is no PIN code for containers from North America

Rotterdam – As of July 1, 2024, shipments from North America will only be released securely and reliably in Rotterdam via Chain of Trust. After that, the major shipping companies no longer provide pin codes for containers from this shipping area. A road carrier, inland shipping or rail operator can only collect a container from North America at the terminal after being authorized by the Chain of Trust.

Since March 31, Chain of Trust has been successfully operating cargo from Latin America. Every month, around 60,000 containers are now released through the Trust by around 1,500 active companies (shippers, forwarders and carriers). Eventually, the new safe working method will apply to all deep sea containers entering the Port of Rotterdam.

Participating Shipping Companies

Shipping companies participating in the chain of trust include CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Evergreen, Hapag-Lloyd (via Secure Container Release), HMM, Maersk, Marfret, MSC, ONE, OOCL, Yang Ming and ZIM. Due to the participation of all these deep sea shipping companies, there is a uniform system in the port of Rotterdam for safe and reliable release and collection of import containers without pin code.

chain of trust

TrustChain is a collaboration between the business community and government agencies that aims to make port logistics more digitally resilient. One of the important elements is the safe and reliable collection of export and import containers in Dutch ports. It works mostly through the Port Community System of PortBase, a neutral logistics platform for Dutch ports.

In a closed logistics chain, with only known, authorized parties, companies digitally grant each other the right to collect a container from a terminal. Only a carrier authorized by the Trust can notify its arrival at the terminal in advance and then proceed there. The use of pin codes that can be misused will be stopped.

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