Costa Rican Carbon Neutral Pineapple for North America and Europe

Costa Rican Carbon Neutral Pineapple for North America and Europe

Fresh Del Monte Produce announced the launch of Del Monte Zero, a CO2 neutral certified pineapple. The assessment takes into account emissions throughout the supply chain.

Del Monte Zero is recognized as sustainable by a third-party certification body, a global leader in verification, auditing, testing and standards development. The agency’s assessment included forests near eight of Fresh Del Monte’s pineapple growing sites in Costa Rica.

“After producing fresh Del Monte pineapples in Costa Rica and exporting them to North American and European markets, SCS Global Services has determined that the greenhouse gas emissions of Del Monte Zero pineapples are offset by the regeneration of forests owned by the company and maintained in Costa Rica, so the carbon footprint of this product is zero.” said Michael Calderon, spokesman for Fresh Del Monte.

Calderon says the innovation will be available to North American and European consumers in early 2023. Certification is achieved through the implementation of a long-term program with careful monitoring of plots, protected forest areas, CO₂ sequestration and continuous measurement of greenhouse gas emissions in each of the production processes such as packaging. Transportation and Sales. In this way, the relationship between emissions and regeneration can be determined in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

The development of this nature-based solution is part of the company’s commitment to combating climate change. Investments in improving the transport fleet have made it possible to reach this important milestone.

“The company has more than 8,000 hectares of forest in Costa Rica, with approximately 5 million trees, neutralizing emissions from Del Monte Zero pineapples. Fresh Del Monte’s trained team monitors the state of the forest and conducts one-time measurements. Carbon neutral certified pineapple cartons’ emissions are potentially carbon dioxide through this protection. A year to make sure they’re compatible with absorption,” Calderon explains.

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Through this initiative, the company hopes that Del Monte Zero Pineapple will not only create awareness among customers and stakeholders, but also provide consumers with a unique opportunity to purchase eco-friendly products.

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