The joy of purchasing without being overshadowed by the MS diagnosis: 'Incredibly sad' |  RTL Street

The joy of purchasing without being overshadowed by the MS diagnosis: 'Incredibly sad' | RTL Street

In “Buying Without Looking,” joy alternates with sadness very quickly: Shortly after Reigns (30) and Christine (29) hear that they have been selected to participate in the program, Reigns receives devastating news about his health. It turns out that he suffers from a severe form of MS. Martin Crabbe (56) and his team are doing everything they can to find the couple a beautiful home.

“Everything still has to land and find a place.”

Christine and Reince bought an apartment not long ago, but since the birth of their son, Jules, the apartment is too small and they're looking for something else. They set their sights on Harlem, which is not the easiest place to buy something. “Haarlem is very difficult and very expensive,” Martin Crabbe points out. “It often takes a lot of time, do you have that too?” But this turned out to not be the case, as their current apartment had already been sold. “We actually have to leave here in three months. So it's starting to get a little itchy now,” Christine says.

Although they know that the search will not be easy, they embark on the adventure with good courage. If the search takes longer than expected, they have an alternative option: they can temporarily live with Christine's father in Leeuwarden. Unfortunately, the search begins with a major setback: Reigns announces that he has been told that he has multiple sclerosis. “I can't really understand it yet,” he says in a video message. “It's very sad. Everything still has to settle down and find its place.”

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Martijn immediately visits the couple to ask how things are going. Reigns says there is a great opportunity for him. “In fact, you see there is one treatment being offered in the world, but in the Netherlands it has only been around for one year and it is only for a select group of people who have already exhausted their entire treatment with other medications.” Something Rens was not yet qualified for.

It is important to undergo treatment as soon as possible. “I cannot undo any deterioration I am experiencing now. But we can stop the deterioration through treatment in Mexico.” Reigns has dear friends and family around him, who immediately loaned him money for treatment. This means it will go to Mexico, while a crowdfunding campaign is being prepared to repay the amount.

The two don't want to stop the program. When Martin asked if they would like to amend their wishes, Reigns responded firmly: “No. If I change my mindset now to the fact that I will ever need a stair lift, I am already 10-0 behind. So the living wishes remain exactly the same.” . It is up to the team to continue the search. Reince and Christine have to make the small concession of expanding their research site, while in the meantime they live in Friesland.

At the last minute, real estate agent Alex finds a house in Harlem. For the two, the burden has been lifted from their shoulders: they have something fun to look forward to and this gives them extra strength. When the treatment turns out to be successful in Mexico and enough money is raised to pay for the treatment, the joy is complete. Especially like that Buy without lookingThe team delivers a beautiful home at the end of the episode.

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Buy without looking It can be watched on Mondays at 8:30pm on RTL 4. Or look forward to Videoland.

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