Make your Chromecast more private with a player: This is how it works

Make your Chromecast more private with a player: This is how it works

Chromecast is great, but in person it doesn’t feel like an Android phone. You can change this using the Launcher app.

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The player makes your Chromecast more personal

Although Android phones can be customized from the ground up, the options on Chromecast devices are underdeveloped. The most direct way to customize is the so-called Atmosphere mode. This allows you to set personal photos as a screen saver.

If you want more, you can consider installing the launcher. This app replaces the default Chromecast user interface, including the home screen.

There are two primary reasons to replace your Chromecast’s default player: customization options and more features. Thanks to a good Launcher app, you can, among other things, adjust the home screen layout, choose a different color scheme, and change the wallpaper faster.

You also have more functions at your disposal, such as the ability to search for interesting media (such as movies and series) more easily, place widgets on the home screen, and work with multiple user profiles.

Which Chromecast casters are worth it?

There aren’t too many playback apps for Chromecast. In contrast to the Android smartphone launch landscape, the choices are reasonably clear.

One of the most popular Chromecast players is Projectivy. It’s easy to install, almost completely customizable, and has many unique features.

You can, among other things, adjust the order of applications displayed on the home screen, create new categories of applications and calibrate the TV screen, which improves color reproduction.

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The free version of Projectivy has no ads. People make money through the premium version. It offers features for demanding users, such as the ability to create multiple user profiles.

Progyvi Launcher


Another good and easy to install option is Sideload Channel Launcher 4. This launcher does not have a free version, but it is very spacious and has a unique design.

In addition to all the standard functions, you can design tiles for the Chromecast home screen yourself, add widgets to the content you like, and even choose GIF wallpapers.

Side load channel operator 4


FLLauncher is completely open source. This means that the source code, which describes exactly how the application works, is accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, the application is currently still in an early stage of development, and according to the makers, it may therefore work unstable.


Etienne Visser

Finally, you also have ATV Launcher. The Pro version of this Chromecast player is available on the Google Play Store and allows users to customize the layout, widget placement, and protect apps/folders with passwords, among other things.

Vehicle Launcher Pro

D-Studio Canada

Install Chromecast player

Installing a Chromecast player is not difficult. You can simply download apps from the Google Play Store:

Do you want to set the newly installed launcher as default? The exact instructions for doing this vary from app to app, but the steps are generally the same.

You’ll likely find an option in the App Launcher’s settings menu to replace the default launcher, Google TV, with the app you just downloaded. You should now be using your new Chromecast player.

Depending on the software, you may end up getting the standard version by simply pressing the home button on your remote. Is this the case with you? Then you can choose to program your Chromecast remote.

By giving the home button a different function, you will automatically access your favorite launcher, instead of the default environment. In the article below we explain how this works.

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Furthermore, there are (specific functions within) launcher applications that require so-called root access. This process gives the Chromecast user more rights and options. However, the rooting process also carries risks. You can cause harm. For this reason we will not discuss this sport further.

More Chromecast tips

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