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I hope you understand that this is not a consumer monitor. This is for professionals and consumers. If I remember the reviews, this monitor isn’t expensive at all for what you get.

Obviously this screen isn’t for you, but it’s for content creator Karl with 1 million followers, Finnish film editor or designer Dave. In other words, people who make money from equipment.
There may now be competing proart monitors from Asus or nice things from Eizo or NEC, but at the time of release, that monitor from Apple had enough USP

You’re done with the nonsense that Apple is expensive.
iPhones are by far the cheapest high-end phones (TCO) you can buy. Partly because it’s the fastest, but mainly because you have twice the amount of time to write it off and the management is much easier. (contact me android manufacturer still working 3 years after release). It may be a Chinese manufacturer, but due to safety concerns, these nine out of 10 are not a business option.

My 2015 MacBook Pro was priced similarly to a competing Thinkpad or probook. I still use this device and enjoy my retina display every time. Thinkpad and probooks had much worse screens and touchpads and laptops… I would have worn these three in the same period.
Not to mention better workflow on OSX vs windows (scaling, terminal, touchpad, gems, task control, etc)

There is a reason why my boss (the government) is giving us all the iPhones instead of the Samsung Ss.

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