This is what the weather will be like during the second week of May vacation

This is what the weather will be like during the second week of May vacation

Complete balconies. Photo: Ton Wesselius

Today is honestly summer. It certainly won't be as warm as this afternoon next week. You can read in this article what you can expect in your country in the second week of the May holidays.

This afternoon the temperature will be around 25 degrees in many places. In the east, it can reach 27 degrees locally. You can read all about the weather today and the coming days Our extensive weather forecast.

Weekend with sun and shower

On both days of the weekend, the afternoon temperature ranges between 15 and 20 degrees, with the lowest maximum temperatures at sea and the highest temperatures in the east. There is a chance of showers on both days, but it is mostly dry and the sun can also be seen regularly. In general, not bad weather during Liberation holidays.

Two elderly people move between flowering fields. Photo: AB Dunker.

No summer heat next week, but sun every day

Next week doesn't look bad for holidays in the Netherlands. It is a bit changeable with occasional rain, but also with regular sunshine. The chance of rainy days is very small.

During the week there is a high probability that the winds will move towards the north or northwest. So the chance of warmer than average weather is slim, but indoors the temperature will be between 16 to 19 degrees daily. On sunny afternoons with light winds, temperatures can also exceed 20 degrees. In coastal areas, the weather is cooler, with northern (westerly) winds blowing. Have you booked a week in the Wadden Islands? Then take into account afternoon temperatures of around 14 degrees.

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The power of the sun 5

Between 12:00 and 15:00, the sun will rise next week, when there will be few clouds, with a UV index of 5. Without sunscreen, you can burn in 20-40 minutes. Whether it is 20 degrees or just 13 degrees makes no difference at all.

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