Two men accused of cutting down the famous “Robin Hood Tree”.  RTL News

Two men accused of cutting down the famous “Robin Hood Tree”. RTL News

The famous sycamore tree was cut down with a chainsaw by two men in September last year. Now, six months later, charges have been formally brought against the suspects. It took a long time to collect evidence and formulate charges.

The maple tree was also known as the Robin Hood Tree, because it was made famous by the 1991 film “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” in which it featured prominently.

When the tree suddenly appeared to be felled last year, the UK was in turmoil, as can be seen in this video:

Perhaps the most famous tree in England was deliberately cut down.

Iconic tree

The tree, believed to be around 300 years old, was located in Northumberland National Park, northern England. Its location, in a valley between two hills next to Hardrian's Wall, a monument, has made the tree a popular photo taken every year by thousands of walkers.

In 2016, the tree was named Tree of the Year by the British Forest Conservancy.

Beeld © ANP / Alamy Limited / Owen Humphreys
One of many beautiful pictures of a sycamore tree.

But the iconic image ended last year, when the tree was removed with a chainsaw. The perpetrators, two Britons aged 38 and 31, were arrested but released on bail.

Drafting of charges

It took about six months to formulate charges that would hold up in court, but now is the time. The two men were formally charged with causing criminal damage, including to Hadrian's Wall, which was damaged when the tree fell, Reuters reported.

The men are due to appear at Newcastle Magistrates' Court on May 15.

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