“3FM is playing a bit of a murdered innocence now” |  culture

“3FM is playing a bit of a murdered innocence now” | culture

The DJ looks back on his time at the station with “great pleasure”. “And I’m definitely going to listen to 3FM. My colleagues and friends are there too, and I had a lot of fun there. But sometimes you have to move on. I don’t think that’s a bad thing either, it’s part of it,” he explains. “3FM plays the murdered innocence a little bit now. But in the end they got us out of those shows. Then you can’t expect everyone to stay.”

Reportedly, 3FM was not “enjoyed” by the DJs’ decision. “When you leave somewhere, or when a relationship ends, it never goes without a fight. It’s annoying,” Hoogendoorn explains.

After 3FM decided to move the DJ to another time period, Hoogendoorn felt as if he had two options. “One of them was staying at the time. But the other show also insisted.” By this he is referring to the Veronica Radio Show, which is beginning to acquire “more and more colour” and which “nevertheless becomes more and more interested”. In the end he decided to switch to Radio Veronica.

new energy

So this decision was independent of Van der Linde’s transfer. “It started separately for both of us. I really made that choice for myself.” His close friend van der Linde continues, “We’ll talk. Then came Frank’s exit story, too. But it wasn’t like: If you don’t, I won’t do that either. We decided separately.”

Frank van der Linde stated that he and NPO 3FM have diverged in the past six months. “Just a relationship.” The DJ says he had a “great time” with his “big love” 3FM. “I look positively back on everything I was able to do there. I leave feeling very good and with a lot of new energy for Veronica!”

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Channel manager Menno de Boer of NPO 3FM told ANP on Tuesday that he feels “pity” that DJs are leaving the station. “The new programming was developed in close consultation with broadcasters and presenters. Despite their earlier promises, Sander and Frank are now choosing a different path. This is unfortunate, but the focus at NPO 3FM remains forward.”

Until recently, DJs presented the morning and afternoon show respectively for 3FM. According to the new programming recently published by the channel, Hoogendoorn will present a program for BNNVARA from September 12 in the afternoon from 13.00 to 16.00. Van der Lende will be listened to on the public channel on behalf of the same broadcaster early in the evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. From the beginning of October, both DJs, each with their own program, can be heard on Veronica Radio. Hoogendoorn every Monday to Thursday in the early evening and Van der Linde on Friday evening.

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