While hearing proceedings against Prince Andrew, the judge issues a 'swift' verdict |  show

While hearing proceedings against Prince Andrew, the judge issues a ‘swift’ verdict | show

British media have reported that a hearing in New York in which Prince Andrew’s lawyers wanted to stop a possible sexual assault proceeding against their client has concluded. Judge Lewis Kaplan said he will issue a ruling “very soon.”

According to observers, he did not like the lawyers’ main argument as to why the complainant, 38-year-old Virginia Joffrey, had no leg. Jeffrey will not be allowed to file a case against the 61-year-old prince, because she struck a deal in 2009 with the main focus of the abuse scandal, businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who died in 2019. In doing so, she has waived her right to sue others in the case.

However, Kaplan made a comment about the deal stating that he would not find the agreement between Geoffrey and Epstein to be an obstacle to Prince Andrew’s trial. He commented that the deal belonged to Epstein and Joffrey only and was also kept a secret.

Lawyers also argued that Joffrey, who claims she was abused three times as a teenager in 2001 by Prince at Epstein’s behest, has not yet made clear what exactly he would have done with her, when and where. Lawyers argued that this should be clear first. However, Judge Kaplan said that the prince’s lawyers certainly had a good view of this claim, but according to the law, according to the judge, it is not necessary to put it all in the indictment. It must be challenged during the procedures themselves.

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