Will from Long Live Love gets on his knees for Willeke

Will from Long Live Love gets on his knees for Willeke

A good match like Will and Willeke often don’t appear on the show. So it comes as no surprise that the two are still very happy with each other to this day.

Things are going so well that Will wants to seal his love for Loliky with a commitment ring. “What are you going to do?!” Willicki says he is surprised when Will suddenly gets on his knees while on a beach picnic. “I know I will get married one day. I have two rings here for both of us, which will connect us to life with us on Earth,” says Will, then hands her the ring. “Oh my God,” Willick responds emotionally.

The two now live together under the same roof. He chose to move on to his great love in Friesland. “It’s a little easier than traveling every time,” Will says. “I think it is very brave that he left Weesp. And I am very proud of the fact that we made this step together,” Willecki adds, beaming.

However, there was a difference of opinion about the layout. Willicki jokes: “There was one locker, which I thought was very ugly. We had rented a pickup truck with two boys. And when Will was inside, I whispered to the operators, ‘Hey guys, tell him the locker can’t go in anymore.’ They did and then The treasury stayed there.”

No one but Marc-Marie Huijbregts did a special on the popular dating show SBS. The comedian looks back with a few nominees at the highs and lows of the past two years.

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Long Live Love can be watched every business day at 7pm. on SBS6 and can be viewed on KIJK.nl.

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