Papa Jay's daughter and new love: "Now equals again, 3-3" |  show

Papa Jay’s daughter and new love: “Now equals again, 3-3” | show

Last August, Papa Jay gave a yes to the ambassador. She entered family life after the last television season in which the Lopez family appeared. Big family from Rotterdam with Talitha, Danilo, Jairo, Jordan and Phyllis. Of course this also includes his daughter Lina. She was supposed to turn 12 this year, but her heart stopped during pregnancy. Now there is another girl with Noëlla.

“She’s been craving french fries all the time lately,” Papa Guy says of Savera. Had to pick them up in the evening at 11pm from that big yellow M. so I knew it was coming. Now we have a very nice slice in a bowl there,” he says of his daughter.

Sister Phyllis is happy with her sister: , now that’s right. 3-3. Feyenoord vs. Ajax,” she says with a laugh. Safira knows at least that maternity will be a little easier: “I think Jay is full of advice.” And will there be more children?

Papa Jay had the other children from his ex-wife, but she left six years ago. Earlier he told this site that he still picture of them at home. I wanted to show children, especially younger ones, who their mother is. But they are called Sapphira Mama. How you treat them, with love and respect, he did so much.” Only son Danilo looked at the cat outside the tree at first. He was afraid that she too would leave. But I also explained to him: From building comes confidence.’ Now it’s a great opportunity. Ambassador completed family.

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