Gibby and Jantine from MAFS tie the knot again |  RTL Street

Gibby and Jantine from MAFS tie the knot again | RTL Street

In the final season of Married at First Sight, Gibby (29) and Jantine (31) were the only couple whose love affair ended well. To celebrate their first wedding anniversary in the fall, they will tie the knot again.

“I didn’t want to miss this adventure.”

The couple has been married for one year in October. An important moment for Gibby and Jantine to think about. “We want to say yes again and make promises,” says Jantine in a conversation with. Linda.. “Just a fun evening and an invitation to everyone who couldn’t be there during the wedding.”

Their relationship is still going well. “Our communication has been very good from the beginning, and we share everything.” The two do not currently live together and therefore travel back and forth between their homes. Whether there are plans to move in together remains a secret for now.

Jantine emphasizes how happy she is MAFS-The experiment was successful. She says they both worked hard for it. “I didn’t want to miss this adventure,” Jantin concludes.

Jeffrey, who also appeared in the final season of MAFS, told the RTL Boulevard camera about the hate reactions the show received. dont care.

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