Actor Michael Sheen now spends his salary on charities

Actor Michael Sheen now spends his salary on charities

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Actor and activist Michael Sheen wants to spend the money he earns from working primarily on social projects, he said in an interview with The big issue.

“Indeed, I have transformed myself into a social enterprise, a Not for profitActor,” said the 52-year-old, who was famous for, among other things, twilightAnd good omen employment Frost / Nixon.

His role in theatrical acting for 72 hours the desire In his hometown of Port Talbot in Wales, it was a turning point in his life for the actor. “The whole village took part in this production and got to know a lot of people and organizations that I didn’t know existed, like groups that help children so they can go bowling or go to the movies.”

When he returned to Port Talbot months later, it became clear that one of the organizations no longer existed. “I wanted to help these people. I wanted to be more than just a shepherd.”

Another significant moment for Shane was the Homeless World Cup, which was held in Cardiff in 2019. When the tournament threatened to be canceled due to lack of funds, Shane decided to step in. “I had a house in the US and a house here (in Wales, ed.), and I put them up for sale. It was scary and stressful and I would feel the financial consequences for a long time. But as long as I have the money if you can continue to earn through work, everything will be fine. .”

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