Joost’s “Europapa” is in the top 25 songs on Spotify worldwide (!)

Joost’s “Europapa” is in the top 25 songs on Spotify worldwide (!)

After the European Broadcasting Union (organiser of the Eurovision Song Contest) launched an investigation into Joost, his income began to rise again. The number rose briefly at bookmakers, and the number is performing better than ever in terms of flows. On the Daily Top Songs Global list, one of Spotify’s top playlists, Joost came in at number 38 yesterday, the fastest riser on the list. He is currently ranked 25th, above Harry Styles.


In many countries, “Europapa” is the most streamed song on Spotify. The song is at number one in the Netherlands, Belgium and Latvia and in other countries, Joost is also performing well, for example in the Spotify list in Sweden and Austria in the top ten. In many other countries, “Europapa” is in the top 50. .

It is not clear why the song is so popular in Latvia. In the semi-finals, where Jost is still performing, he received 8 points from Latvian TVs. Ghost scored higher than Austria, Malta, Greece and Belgium with 12 points. After Jost Klein’s disqualification, the members of Latvian Dons had some words for Jost Klein. In an interview with Telegraph “You always enjoy it,” he said. I wish him all the best. Ghost If you see this: Pick up the phone, I’ll call you tomorrow.

3FM Megahit

3FM also couldn’t be left behind in supporting Joost Klein after he was axed. Partly for this reason, ‘Europapa’ became a 3FM Megahit for the second time ever. So you’ll be hearing the recording a lot this week on 3FM!

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