Unidentified Dutchmen searching for a mole in Oman

Unidentified Dutchmen searching for a mole in Oman

Hila Noorzai presents an exclusive streaming version of Wie is de Mol?

Ten unknown Dutchmen travel to Oman. In this enchanted country, they unsuspectingly embark on the pursuit of their lives and it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. To their surprise, they found themselves in the mole’s playground. From one moment to the next they could no longer trust anyone and every man became concerned for himself. Who will remove the mask from the mole? But most importantly: who is the mole?

Hundreds of Dutch people signed up for a new game show last year: The Game. After several selection rounds, the ten chosen ones leave for Amman under the supervision of Haile Noorzai. Unaware that there is a saboteur in their midst and the true nature of their journey.

In the country where I imagined myself in the tale of 1001 Nights, a wonderful adventure happened. An adventure with 10 unknown Dutch people who dedicatedly engaged in the game in search of the mole. It is my job to direct this research. The energy, authenticity and acumen of the candidates made this adventure unforgettable for me. This was a dream come true for me.
Hello Noorzai

Candidates are immediately thrown into the deep end because the game has already begun without them even knowing it. The hunt for the mole begins in the Omani capital: Muscat. A city where candidates play quests in a majestic castle, on snow-white beaches and endless sand dunes. After Muscat, the group travels to Oman: Nizwa. There, candidates visit crowded markets, date farms and beautiful valleys. And to add the icing on the cake, the candidates then travel to the Wahiba Desert, where they end up in a true Arab fairy tale…

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The streaming version of Wie is de Mol? It can be streamed starting June 28 on AVROTROS on NPO Start. Two new episodes will be released every week for four weeks.

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