The first Samsung Galaxy A phones are now receiving the One UI 6.1 upgrade

The first Samsung Galaxy A phones are now receiving the One UI 6.1 upgrade

Starting today, you can install the One UI 6.1 update on your Samsung Galaxy A54. The update brings many new features to the device. Additionally, the copy bug in One UI 6.0 has finally been fixed. Addendum: After a few hours on the A54, the same upgrade is now also available on the Galaxy A34 (thanks Bert).

Galaxy A54 update: One UI 6.1 interface

In recent weeks, Samsung has already introduced the major upgrade to One UI version 6.1 to several phones in the Galaxy S and Z series. Today the first phone in the Galaxy A series is finally available.

The Galaxy A54 now has a 2.2GB update ready for firmware version A546BXXU7CXDC. And on the Galaxy A34 you get firmware A346BXXU6CXD5. It doesn’t have a new security patch – it will remain on April 1 for a while. However, Samsung’s One UI version 6.1 is installed. Although you don’t get the Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy A54 and A34, the upgrade includes a fair number of useful tweaks and improvements.

In One UI 6.1, Samsung has greatly improved various photo and video editing options. You can now easily copy objects from one image to another, for example. Search function in Gallery It’s been improved, and you can customize background images in new ways. You can protect your phone’s battery from corrosion in more ways. We’ve captured the full changelog below.

Fix “Combustion Error”

What’s in today’s upgrade is a solution to the “burn-in error”. It turns out that the mechanism that is supposed to prevent the status bar from burning on your phone’s screen is not working on Samsung phones in One UI 6.0. The ‘Pixel Shift’ trick is active again in One UI 6.1. This permanently resolved the “burn-in error” on the Galaxy A34 and A54.

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By the way, the possibility of the status bar on your screen getting burnt out due to this bug in recent months is slim. After all, icons and other information at the top of the screen aren’t displayed very often.

Installation and availability

As is usual with larger upgrades – such as One UI upgrades – installation may take some time. Even after restarting your phone, various processes continue in the background. As a result, power consumption may be higher than you are used to for a period of time after the upgrade. However, if everything goes well, it will automatically return to normal after some time.

You can download the One UI 6.1 update now at Unbranded Galaxy A34 and A54 in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe. If you don’t want to wait for your phone to come on its own, go ahead Institutions unpleasant system update in Download and install.

We also expect the same update in the coming weeks on devices like the Galaxy A53, A33 and – perhaps eventually – the Galaxy A52(s).

Did you receive the upgrade on your Galaxy A54 or A34? Is everything working properly or are new errors appearing?

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