How did everyone miss the “Fast and Furious” bug?

How did everyone miss the “Fast and Furious” bug?

It often happens that directors leave mistakes in their films. These errors only appear later, when attentive viewers notice that something isn’t quite right. This is certainly the case for The Fast and the Furious.

The last few films in this world-famous franchise are almost more superhero than racing. But in the beginning things were different. Then there was less action and crazy stunts in the series and more scope for car racing.

Earlier this year, the tenth installment was released, titled fast exeBut the original movie The Fast and the FuriousIt dates back to 2001. Despite the fact that the movie was well received and very few sequels were made, there is one major flaw.

At some point, a race occurs between Jesse (Chad Lindberg) and Tran (Rick Yone). The camera shifts between the two men who are about to compete against each other. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice something remarkable.

other clothes
Tran, who is already in the car, wears a black long-sleeved T-shirt the first two times he appears. For a moment the camera shows a different picture and when we see Tran again, he is suddenly wearing a black tank top.

It doesn’t stop there. The cars are already lined up, ready to race, but when Brian (Paul Walker) asks Jesse who is racing, Tran stops. Its windows also go down pretty quickly, so that doesn’t seem quite right.

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