Yvonne face-to-face with Robert Ten Brink after applying juice

Yvonne face-to-face with Robert Ten Brink after applying juice

At the Amsterdam Diner, Robert called Yvonne. “I suddenly feel a card coming from the other side of the table, so I look and someone says to me, ‘Hey Yvonne! Who do you think is Robert Ten Brink so I said, “Robert, hey!” I thought: I want to die!” Yvonne said in her Instagram Stories.

The two then had a conversation about dozens of messages Yvonne shared with the outside world. According to Yvonne, Robert said everyone talked to him about it. The presenter could have said, “What your platform does is very intense.”

In general, Yvonne believed that Robert approached the situation in a mathematical way. “Because he also said, ‘I really like what you’re doing.’ Then of course I felt totally guilty and stuff. I really thought: I’m never going to an event like that again. It really doesn’t make sense, because that’s really not what I should be getting.”

Yvonne herself had a positive encounter with Robert. She thinks he’s a nice guy. “But I think what I’ve received is true to some extent, but that’s not always the case. Of course that goes for everything and everyone I squeeze. It’s also snapshots, but Robert is just someone who’s already been in a career for a long time. Then he totally gets carried away and that’s As it is “.

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