“She hadn't been intimate for a long time, so she had a wish list with her.”

“She hadn't been intimate for a long time, so she had a wish list with her.”

With a blush on her cheek, she handed it to me and said, “I hope you don't think I'm a weird person, but I've written down everything I want to try.” She quickly looked out again as she looked at the note. I had to smile when I saw what it was.

I extended my hand and asked her if she wanted to come and stand for a moment. She took my hand and slowly pulled it towards me. “May I give you a kiss?” was my question. Our lips touched. At first, just touch your lips. She opened her mouth slowly but surely and dared to let herself go a little more. I grabbed her buttocks harder and pulled her against me. As she moved closer to me, she felt my now hard member.

High-class gigolo James: 'She had never kissed anyone and wanted to change that'Read also

“The spring slid his hand down but stopped. She didn't dare do the last part. I decided to help her, I put my hand on hers and guided her hand to my member. I held her tight and felt the arousal through my pants. I slowly pushed her onto the big bed while kissing.

When her legs hit the bed, she took a half step back and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she grabbed the belt of her jeans and opened them as well. She slowly opened the zipper of her pants and pushed them down. I let her sit on the bed and pulled her pants down and took them off. Lenty lay with her back on the bed and her legs over the edge. Her feet barely touch the ground.

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I leaned over her and started kissing her deeply again on her mouth and moved to her neck and breasts. I pushed her harder onto the bed and lowered myself to my knees. I slowly started kissing and caressing my pubic area. My mouth touched her pussy and she shivered a little.

With the necessary pressure on her clit, I started licking and fingering her more forcefully. She had already placed her feet on my shoulders and was completely accommodated. I inserted another finger inside her and hit the right spot. She came moaning. I stood up and looked at her. She laughed and it was clear that her nerves had disappeared. “So, the first two items on my list can be crossed off,” she said with a laugh. However, the list is not complete yet.

She looked at me, stood up, and turned me around until my legs were on the bed. She pulled my pants down and pushed me onto the bed. She grabbed my member and put it in her mouth. And at the same time you cheated on me. She knew very well what she was doing. After about five minutes, she got up and ordered me to lie on the bed. She positioned herself on top of me and let my hardness slide inside her. She moved back and forth, pressing herself firmly against me. She came again, moaning.

She lay down next to me on the bed, grabbed the piece of paper again and said, “There are only ten items left to deal with today.” “You can decide the next date.”

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Thumbnail of high class Gigolo James: High-class gigolo James: “She wanted to go professional so her limits wouldn't simply be crossed.”Read also

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