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Developer Mojang Studios does not allow blockchain implementation and use of game files to create nfts in Minecraft. I found that nfts “do not fit into the values ​​of Minecraft”.

Mojang is currently working on updated terms of use, which includes a section on NFTs and blockchain. Before publishing the new guidelines, the game studio decided: To make a statement about this section. Mojang has noticed that a number of users and companies have recently released NFTs associated with global Minecraft files and skins.

“To ensure that Minecraft players have a secure experience, blockchain technologies should not be integrated into client and server applications,” the developer said. Also, in-game files such as worlds, skins, items, or other mods may not be used to “create rare digital assets”.

The developer will not allow this, as it “contradicts the overall message of the game”. “NFTs are not inclusive of our entire community and create a dichotomy between owners of NFTs and those who do not have NFTs. The investment mindset around NFTs takes the focus away from playing the game and encourages profiteering,” says Mojang. It is also concerned about fraud being committed with NFTs. Furthermore, the developer says that it has no plans to implement a blockchain in Minecraft. However, it will “closely monitor further development of the blockchain to ensure that our rules are enforced and to determine whether they allow for more secure experiences or other practical applications in games.”

Mojang isn’t the only company banning NFTs from its platform. Since October block valve Presenting games on Steam “based on blockchain technology that provide or allow the trading of NFTs or cryptocurrencies.”

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