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I still find it cool that people need to read and respond to messages on a smartwatch. Reading a message up to this point, but responding, I can’t imagine a single moment when I want to. It is much easier to access your phone.

I have been searching for a long time (about a year) for the (im) capabilities of smart watches. Read reviews, compare prices and options. I also had a Fitbit watch borrowed on my wrist for a while (while I wore nothing on my wrist, not even a classic watch). Ultimately, I found out that the following things are important in a smartwatch:

Time and date
Number of steps
heart beat
Sleep monitor
The ability to find my phone if it gets lost at home again
Find out who is calling me when the phone is somewhere or in your pocket
Sports Activity Recording (location, distance, heart rate, speed, etc.)

That’s basically it. For a while, I thought about getting a Samsung Galaxy watch 3. But … this battery life. What a drama. Especially if I want to use it as a sleep monitor. In the end, I went for a watch that could do everything above and where you never have to worry about your battery running out in no time. With a battery life of at least 10 days, I am very satisfied with the purchase. It is not a complete “smartwatch” but as for the above points it does well for me.

Coming back to Wear OS, as long as battery life is very limited for a Wear OS smartwatch (this is also the case with the other alternative that everyone knows) I don’t see myself wearing such a smartwatch. I think there is a greater need for smartwatches like Fitbit, Garmin, Polar and others that have a much better battery life than a smartwatch that integrates well with the phone you also carry in your pocket. Anyway, that’s my opinion ;)

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