Android is getting a “sound emoji”: a fart button built into the phone app

Android is getting a “sound emoji”: a fart button built into the phone app

We can decorate our text messages and apps with as many emojis as we want and this changes the tone. We can't do it by calling: shame, think Google. So they created “voice emoji” in Android.

The strange new feature was discovered by 9to5Google. There are six audio emojis: sounds you can play during a phone conversation that both parties can hear. It involves applause, laughter, party noise, wind noise, and our favorite: a sad trombone.

The six sounds are located below a new button on the phone's screen, where the speaker and mute buttons and number keys are also located. Fortunately, Google has thought about abuse: there's a cool-down period for the sounds, so you can't hold the fart button all the time in an annoying way.

Starting next week

“Express emotions and moods with sounds like clapping, laughter, sad trombone, and more with tappable emojis while on a call,” Android Settings explains the feature.

Voice emojis are already in the latest beta version of the Google Phone app, version 128. They will likely be rolled out to all users next week. So don't be surprised if you suddenly see sound effects, as if you were calling a radio DJ. In this regard, we have a suggestion for the next update: the ability to upload your own sounds. Then the functionality is still surprising, just like WhatsApp stickers but with sound – the possibilities are endless.

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