101-year-old American still mistakes him for a baby |  RTL News

101-year-old American still mistakes him for a baby | RTL News

v. BBC She tells her story.

Patricia, born in 1922, had found herself in fascinating situations over the past two years when she wanted to take a flight with American Airlines. Despite her old age, she still does it regularly to visit her family.

I need help

It went well until her 100th birthday. She even flew completely independently until she was 97 years old. After that, she always traveled with her family, mainly because her eyesight became very bad. But that went well too. When booking you can indicate whether you need assistance on board. The crew then makes sure that the private wheelchair is ready to transport you through the narrow aisle to your seat.

But since Patricia – who prefers to keep her last name to herself – is a hundred years old, the crew is no longer prepared with a wheelchair, but with a maxicozi or special bed for the children. In fact: Clearly, American Airlines' computer systems are not yet fully millennium-proof. Patricia's birth date of 1922 is listed in the regulations as “22”.

She says the inconveniences were always resolved immediately with a smile, but the next trip would still be nice to sort out.

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